Urban garden – Growing local produce at home

Urban garden

Growing local produce at home 

We all love a fuzzy bowl of soup on a cold evening or a crunchy salad on a warm summers day. For me, one of the most satisfying feelings is to water my home plants and see them grow glow. Growing our own urban garden vegetables and herbs helps me appreciate the small things in life and joy they bring.

I usually grow herbs like basil, thyme, rosemary or vegetables like baby tomatoes, spring onions, spinach which are simple to grow. In addition to being low maintenance, these plants are quite versatile in the kitchen. Throw some fresh basil on top of homemade bruschetta or a quick spinach soup, it just works beautifully. Also, I do land myself saving a few bucks on my shopping list.

So how does one get started creating an urban garden? No, you don’t need fancy potters or a big balcony. All you need is some time and creativity to see the results and enjoy your own local produce.

Things needed :

  • Seeds – Order online or reproduce from whats in your fridge. Like last time, I grew tomatoes were from tomatoes already stocked in my refrigerator, just pop out the seeds from the whole tomato
  • Plastic tumbler ( here you can get creative, used up yogurt plastic tumblers or takeaway boxes work great). Make sure to puncture few holes at the bottom of the tumbler for air circulation
  • A mix of Organic Soil + Compost – Order online or get from your local nursery. I use a ratio of 50-50 for mixing.
  • Water
  • Most importantly, a corner in the house that gets plenty of sunlight 


  • Firstly, learn about the water, sunlight requirements for the plant. Overexposure to either can cause the plant to rot or dry out.
  • Secondly, prune or trim overgrown or dead branches. This will ensure the plant stays healthy.

Below I have linked few of my favorites videos to get you started 



I hope you give setting up your urban garden a try and enjoy the process…



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