Healthy living – Simple living – Small changes

Healthy living – Simple living – Small changes

About 2 weeks back I changed my career interest, from a corporate life to a work from home startup career. Though it was a tough choice I have a better grasp on the quality of life I want for myself now. So, I knew I wanted to make a start with two things – engaging in exploring a new career option and focus on simple healthy living. 

The habits and lifestyle I have developed over the past years, eating out at restaurants every week, weekend “food cheat days” or hitting the snooze button on the weekend.. all had to change slowly but for good. 

Simple healthy living is not a weekday phenomenon that we pause on a weekend, its mindfulness of the choices we make in our lives, on all days of our lives. It’s a daily process. 

I started by making following small changes in my daily routine to accommodate a healthy living. 

Start day early

I feel mornings are the best time to really reflect on thoughts. Put on some soulful music and fix my morning tea or breakfast while at it. I have started penning down things I want to do accomplish in the day in order of priority to help set goals for myself.

Get a move on

Getting fitter and stronger by doing yoga for an hour or 30-45 mins daily walk.

Eating mindfully 

There is already a lot of material out there that focuses on diets, meals, superfoods… So the only thing I will share is that I try to eat simple fresh home cooked meals and avoid processed or packaged foods as much. Simple food doesn’t have to be boring so try to be creative with your cooking like I try to recreate recipes I find interesting on the internet to keep the motivation. Just keep the balance, if I have had a heavy meal a day before I will try to balance it with a lighter meal the day after. 

Pack a snack

This one is my favorite. It takes a lot of effort and willpower to withhold tearing a packet of chips rather than biting into a fruit. But the fact is that once you start reducing the packaged stuff ( again don’t stop everything at once) from your lifestyle and munch on the fresh stuff it will always feel good at the end because you know you ‘did the right thing’. I have taken to snacking on fruits or nuts or homemade granola and always having a few jars around. It’s better to grab a quick snack then to build a huge appetite for later. 

Eat seasonal and local 

In my previous post, I wrote about growing local produce at home. Eating local and seasonal produce is a great motivation for staying simple and sustainable in a healthy lifestyle. 

Sip on lots of beverages

I borrowed this habit from my husband and now I have a huge appetite for sipping on at least a couple of beverages in a day. And I am not talking about the bottled sugary stuff, fresh coolers or simple coconut water and just water, and loads of it. Keeping refrigerator stocked with ingredients like mint, citrus fruits gives a lot of room for creativity in creating interesting beverages. 

Sweet tooth..perhaps

I don’t intend to completely stop sugar because I enjoy a dessert every now and then. The tough choice is to stop craving something sweet after lunch or dinner. I am not sure if its scientific or otherwise but drinking chilled water has helped me overcome the craving, well most times. Another thing I do when a craving for a dessert is to eat them during the day that way I can stay more active and burn off those extra calories.

Share with family and friends

Share goals plans with people you love and how you are progressing. There will always be valuable insight and compliments that will boost your motivation.

So how does it feel so far?

I have been doing the above for 2 weeks now and it feels great. Although I don’t weight any different from what I did 2 weeks back I do feel less bloated and more energetic. 

So I want to keep moving forward with small changes over time and build a healthy lifestyle that I benefit from both mentally and physically.

Are you thinking of making changes in your lifestyle towards getting healthier? What changes have you incorporated into your lifestyle that helped you? 



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