I finally quit my job – Discovering your Ikigai

I finally quit my job – my story

In wake that I already wrote 3 posts, this post should have been the first to go. But its never too late. So, let’s take it from the top. Hey there, I am Richa, living in Mumbai. After working in IT for a decade I quit my job month back. 

I graduated Engineering in Information Technology and was inducted into a leading IT firm in the country. First jobs are the most fun. I was so naive and unguided, I felt like Bambi lost in the woods for a while. 

Floating through years, learning skills, equipped with corporate paraphernalia, polishing my demeanor and couple of job switches later. I found myself employed as what many described as their dream employer. I was pumped for success and it paid off with promotions, bonuses, travel…

Discovering your Ikigai

10 years later, 1 marriage old and after gaining few kilos I was on a familiar path but the motivation to strive for promotions, salary hikes was getting blurry. I was negotiating for a  genuine purpose, why or as the Japanese call it Ikigai, translated to “reason for being”, to continue doing what I was doing and nothing came close to satisfying the WHY. I realized that the top reasons why I would stay on the job didn’t have anything to do with me or what made me happy. It mostly revolved around compensation, social expectations and a sense of aligning yourself to knowing what we ALREADY did and the fear of failing at something you liked.

I was advised to look out for new job roles or take a sabbatical. That didn’t ring a bell with me or my husband, an ardent believer in all things autonomous. He saw my burned out state as an opportunity for me to look for an area of interest and NOT a role. During this time I spoke to people whose advice I trust, to seek a 360 degree perspective on a career change, its impact so I know I wasn’t living in a bubble of assumptions. 

After months of deliberation and back and forth, it was time. I officially quit my job knowing fully well what I was getting myself into and out of. I was scared but I never doubted my decision, I know that the timing and reasons for taking this plunge couldn’t have been better.

In hindsight, I believe if I am articulate to hold a meaningful conversation or I am able to do things by myself it’s owing to the experiences of the last decade.

Breathe. Reset. 

Starting afresh this time around was different. I feel wiser, I know how things work and I have a plan. The plan is simple – to try and test areas of interest to know what works best for me. In the digital nomad age we live in, I am sure I will find my niche sooner or later but this time around, I want to have fun while I search for a career change.

I recall that during our deliberation phase, I asked my husband what if I am not good at anything, he responded with a poker face..then you will be good at NOTHING !! So technically you are always good at least one thing.



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